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WTB: XJ parts
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I am looking to pick up some odds and ends for my '90 XJ 4 door.  Trying to get it trail ready.  The main thing I need is a fan/shroud.  I am also needing a passenger side rear window, manual doors or just the guts out of them, 15 x 10 wheels.

If anyone has a parts rig I'm sure there is more stuff I could use.  Or if anyone knows of any junkyards that have some XJ's around. 

Any help would be great.  The best way to contact me is my email  I can check it more often using my phone.


Re: WTB: XJ parts
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I have the disconectable axleshaft peices and the vacum actuated fork. I had planned on making a driveshaft with it, but I dont have room in my buggy. Nice tailights would come with it. -tg-
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