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YJ Roll Bar NON-family style
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My wife got a plastic barrel for ME to build HER a rotating compost bin.  After looking at the “designs” she fond on the web I came up with a better idea.  I used the old YJ roll bar I had on the side of the house.  I achieved 2 things by using it.  (1) I won’t have to rebuild the frame in 2 years when it rotted from the elements.  (2) She looks at the Jeep parts “that are always in the way” in a new light.  Now she wants me to build one fore her friend.  But, I only had the 1 roll bar.

So, in the spirit of being “green” I’m looking for another YJ roll bar.  This thing was built out all recycled materials excluding the new bolts that hold it together.  I believe in conservation but I’m not some psycho tree hugger.  Last tree I hugged was with a strap for a winch and when my deer stand fell out from under me.  Don’t worry I’m fine I was only 4 foot off the ground.

If you have an old YJ roll bar that’s just in the way.  I would be more then happy to take it off your hands.  If you’re just interested in what I made I’ll gladly send you some pics.  Thanks