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Race in OKC, OK
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I am working on a indoor/outdoor off road race Race in OKC,OK. If you would be interested in competeing, Sponsoring, or being there. let me know! I Need all the help I can get..... This is a central location for all off road racers.
I am Anxcious to see enthusiasm from the off road Clan!
This race will be Simialiar to XRRA/MOROC standards and Will consist of 4 to 5 races in one Weekend.

This is in the early Stages and I Need Some Support to convince the People that will be hosting the event that it will be a success.....So If you are interested Please Email Us At

Please Email Pros and Cons...... I Need All Input Good or Bad to Make this a success..
Thank you
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Re: Race in OKC, OK
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