Author Topic: Open Front and Rear Dana 44s  (Read 1822 times)

Open Front and Rear Dana 44s
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I have a matching set of Dana 44s that are in a 1979 Cherokee Chief FSJ, with a Quadratrac t-case. That puts both the diffs on the passenger side. Not sure of what R & P gears are in them. Will also fit behind a Model 18 t-case I think.

Cut and put these under your Wrangler and you will be 2 inches wider, or outboard your spring hangers and use them at full width and you will be 6 inches wider.

I am asking $100 per axle and do not wish to separate them as of yet. I might consider that in the future.

Front axle is SUA, rear axle is SOA. I have not pulled them yet, so if you want to take them for a ride to inspect them, come on down.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Open Front and Rear Dana 44s
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just wondering if you still have these axles
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Re: Open Front and Rear Dana 44s
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These still for sale?
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