Author Topic: what trails for a newb jeeper  (Read 1850 times)

what trails for a newb jeeper
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I have a 99 tj with a dana 35 with a 3 inch body lift and 3 inch suspension lift

no lockers, worn tires and a desire to show my friend a good time and still make it home.

I want to know what trails levels I should take it on

Re: what trails for a newb jeeper
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Stick to the 2's or some easy 3's.There are lots of places to play there.
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Re: what trails for a newb jeeper
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You did not offer tire size or trail experience. The worn tires will be a factor if the trails are wet and in wet areas. Most of the trails are more difficult now than when they were rated because of the rains.
Your question is difficult to really answer because your experience level is a big factor and when you get to the ranch and the trail conditions may be totally different than know.
Most important thing is to have another vehicle with you or hook up with someone until you kind of know your way around. there are usually some of the ranch locals around.
Second talk to Brandon or someone about current trail conditions when you arrive.
Third cruise to the end of cedar trail,ranch road,ridge line, and backwoods to get familiar with the terrain. then try what you are comfortable with and turn around if you are concerned and go to the other end of the trail and try it from the other direction. By doing this you may see most of the trail without getting into trouble.
guard rail, yellow jacket, snow trail, cold mountain, stocker stopper all have a steep ravine once in the ravine you will have a climb to get out. but all have been done by stockers and all terrain tires in the right conditions.

come on out and have some fun most everyone here will help you gain experience and everyone here has been in a rig just like yours before.