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Maybe the park could do something like this.
$20 for a 20 minute attempt
no spotter
no  winch
must stay on trail
and must be witnessed by park staff
All the money goes into a pot the first one to climb the hill wins the pot also maybe some of the off-road shops could make donations such as equipment. I think Flat Nasty Off-Road park does something like this with the Get it Billy hill.

flat nasty does do this on the "new get it billy"  I have been up the old get it billy and put fresh rubber down at the top of the new one (at the time anyways, in the dark).  I dont think they charge much for your attempt at the bounty , but like we did we played on both hills for quite awhile with out worrying about paying just playin!!!  But I like lonewolf's idea of maybe a free pass for a few years or something like that, I think that would be nicer anyway