Author Topic: Brandon's Scout on Wagoneer Hill  (Read 6200 times)

Brandon's Scout on Wagoneer Hill
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Re: Brandon's Scout on Wagoneer Hill
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I Understand That waggoner Hill Has to be done with some wheel Speed. But That was a lil over kill! Why don't you try airing down (Looked like you were running 25lbs of pressure in them or they were Brand new LTB's) or trying a few different lines???? Just an Idea Cause you Jumping on the throttle is what makes Places like double Whammy what they are Me that Video Looks like a Unexpeirenced Wheeler With a Big motor thinkin he can can get up anything with horsepower... Which is Not the truth........ and Thats What caused the rollover... granted Everyone was safe... thats awesome... But You backing up over Trees and such and just hammering Down on the throttle... No even Looking at a Line Except up!!! Careess it love it Be easy with it and hit the Right Line and give it a goose.... she'll Move on up I Promise!!! Either That or she Sucks as a Woman or a Wheelin Rig!!!
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Re: Brandon's Scout on Wagoneer Hill
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That was entertaining!!!! ;D Thanks.
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