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Hard Core at Smorr
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Ive been coming to Smorr since 2008,I have seen a lot of Hardecore stuff.Woods Racing,Endurance Racing(King of the Hammers Style.Rock Racing with Judd,I thought I had seen a lot until the Guy road his Mountain Bike down Tindle hill!!!!OMG!!!
 That takes a set doesnt it???Wow :o
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Re: Hard Core at Smorr
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Yeah, I talked to the guy about that. I ride avidly but that was extreme. It just proves one of the many uses of SMORR. If I can catch a flood with my kayak, it'll be posted...possibly to gather a search ;D
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Re: Hard Core at Smorr
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Lol, bob is crazy!!!  ill try and get his wipe out vid posted, and if you didnt get to see his power wagon in action that was just as crazy.  He bent both lower control arms and tore every skid plate off but he went every place our jeeps did